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Film of the month.

Film of the Month is back but ... Anyone knows what happened to the last "film of the month"? June I think. My dearest cameraman was up there in the top 3 films. I was left wondering what the judge's comments were.

Be it as voting audience, contestant or judge we invest our time on "film of the month" in the believe that this celebration of film matters. With the link to past editions gone it makes me feel that perhaps it doesn't?.

Anyway. Better things to do I guess.

  • Hi Gustavo,

    We are still waiting to hear back from Ondi, and Asif who is currently filming. Once we get their feedback we will put it up straight away. The winning members have been granted their Vimeo + accounts, and are aware we are waiting on feedback.

    The past winners page is still in the works, we are trying to fix it up as soon as possible! The main priority was to get the submission form up and running so we don't miss out on another month.

    Super sorry it's taking longer than expected, but will be steam rolling very soon! If you have any suggestions or thoughts, please email me on - I'd be more than happy to chat about Film of the Month

    3 years ago
  • Hi Kelie. O.K. Thanks for taking the time to answer. That alone speaks volumes.

    3 years ago
  • Another Film of the Month competition question: the new format looks great. Just a query about what happens to all the other films uploaded in any particular month? Previously everything uploaded was entered in the FOTM by default, and was viewable by everyone. Am I right in thinking now only the 10-12 finalists enter the public leaderboard, and all other uploads will just appear on individual profiles now?

    3 years ago
    • Hi Matt,

      Yes this is how is works, those who actively submit to Film of the Month via the submission form on the site will be considered. The final 12 will be chosen and halfway between each month, the finalists will show on the leaderboard for public voting.

      If you have anymore questions, please email me on


      3 years ago