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Promoting a feature length film

We are in the process of making a feature length film, and I would like to find a promoter to select film festivals for us and also help us eventually sell the film, how do I go about this? And what costs would be involved. We aim to apply for funding to cover these costs.

  • Hi Moira, if you're looking for a promoter to collaborate with you can post about your project in Production > Get People. These roles get posted into the daily bulletins and are a great way to reach interested shooters. If you're looking to offer a deferred payment make sure you list this as 'expenses only' and mention the potential payment in the description.

    1 year ago
    • Hi Dorothy thanks for the info I may repost this in the production section again if I don't get responses

      1 year ago
  • In terms of film festivals you've got the big ones like Sundance, Berlin, Toronto, Tribeca, Cannes etc but to be competitive at these really you're gonna need big name actors so depends what kinda budget you're working on.

    If you're on a micro budget there's literally thousands you can submit too that can range from Free to over $100 each. is a good platform to search and pick ones you like the look of.

    I made a no budget feature but we didn't bother with the really big festivals. Although a selection there would be great promotion I think the chances are a bit of a lottery. Anyone is welcome to submit to festivals like Cannes but I doubt Tarantino filled out an application form and popped a DVD in the post like the rest of us...

    1 year ago
  • A publicist will easily charge from $2k/month and up for their services. The best (and most expensive ones) will have good direct contacts at magazines and TV stations to get the word about your film directly to the potentially interested parties.

    1 year ago
  • Hi Moira, for us at IP-UP we would need to review and see if we like it and believe it has a market.

    1 year ago