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Shooting People
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Horror Stories about Film Festivals

Do you have any horror stories about your experiences at any film festivals, if so we would like to hear from you

  • They had a great film festival in Aberystwyth, then they took it to Cardiff and it died.

    6 years ago
  • Went to the Celtic Film Festival in Wales a few years back as they were screening a docu I'd made. Said to the girl at the desk that it seemed a lot better than the one the previous year in Scotland. She gave me an icy glare and said 'I organised that one!'. Needless to say I was shunned by that woman and her lackeys for the rest of the fest.

    6 years ago
  • My short film, THE WRITER'S MUSE, won best short in the 2010 Pocono Mountains Film Festival and I had a great time over the 3-day fest, so I felt pretty comfortable submitting my feature-length screenplay, THE KINGS OF HALSTED, in last years PMFF, which was held in October. To date, I still don't know who won in any of the categories, nothing has been posted on the PMFF website and I haven't received the promised critique of my script. Not exactly a horror story but certainly a disappointment.

    6 years ago