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Shooting People
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Chronic Illness in Shorts

The phone call rang and two people with Parkinson's Disease were on the phone, telling me about their stories, they had something in common, they had been through a great deal of stress, and their partners had left, when they had been diagnosed. They had subsequently met and romance had kindled. I asked Sen Monro, the Screenwriter to look at their stories, and tried unsuccessfully to raise some money from the Welcome Trust, but to no avail.

I gave up, but in tribute to Sen Monro he persevered and put some of his own money into the project, and was able to raise awareness about this emerging film. He had the connections and knew people who would get on board, and his energy and enthusiasm has led to this film becoming a short see imdb

The film is directed by Donna Taylor and stars Gary Webster (Minder 1979) and others - certainly worth watching if you have a chance.

I was a nurse for thirty years, and in the end a district nurse, meeting people, some of whom have died, and I have heard many stories over the years.

Raising awareness comes through short films.

Today I work with Tom Delmar and am always open to listen to people, who might like to share their stories.