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Shooting People
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The Executioner Inside - Etcetera Theatre, Camden, 20-22 Dec 2018

Hello Shooters,

If you're in London and want to see a film project truly evolve come see 'The Executioner Inside' begin life as a stage production before shooting as my 14th indie feature in Spring 2019. Running as a theatre production first gives the product a good grounding for development of the 'brand' that it will become as the film takes shape. It's also a good way to prepare your key performers (myself included) for a heavyweight feature script. The Xmas-Eve set mafia crime drama runs at Etcetera Theatre, Camden at 9pm from Thursday 20th - 22nd December 2018.

Tickets are available here:

New York, 1991. Mafia associate and FBI informant Michael Trudon struggles in a dangerous relationship with the mysterious and manipulative ‘Karen’ aka Lilian or Gaia Petrovic, an identical twin he helped traffic into the US years previously. Learning his girlfriend’s sister might be a brutal killer his handlers want proof his love is innocent, even though Michael himself can barely tell them apart. Offered immunity for his involvement in a Christmas sting that will snare them both he interrogates Karen to learn her true identity. With the possibility of the wrong ‘Karen’ going safely with him into witness protection the challenge before him is simple; get the right twin out...

Festive greetings to all! Keep Filming!

Al Carretta,
Director Nightpiece Media