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Shooting People
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Bond - Money to Burn

Bond Money to Burn
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Pointless huge Carbon footprint an embarrassment to the whole movie industry. Sam Mendes Shame on You! Haven't you heard of CGI it's one of the first FX's that was completely nailed years ago. Clearly a case of small boys with big toys who watched the Record Breakers on TV when they were kids and felt like they missed out on not getting in the Guinness Book of Records. Hopefully, they managed to get in under: "Most irresponsible act ever" goes to Sam Mendes and the James Bond Film Franchise.
Ray Brady @fukfilm_co

  • Totally agree Ray- when I saw the explosion scene the first time I must say I thought it impressive and did wonder if it was CGI generated. That said, the fact I - and most people -couldn't tell suggests CGI would have worked in its place just as well. Just checked out the article about it on Linkedin and some comments are dismissing ecological issue by saying that that its the same amount of fuel as used in a passenger flight (for one person presumably). People will always need to travel but its about our carbon footprint and there was no need for this one - I wonder if Sam Mendes coughed up the money to 'offset' the fuel he needlessly wasted?

    1 year ago