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Shooting People
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Using Facebook Live in film marketing

Hello fellow filmmakers,

I am currently working with a Filmmaker Anton Califano (also a SP member) on a feature documentary called Killing The Law about the British Justice System and families campaigning to free their children from prison.

Over the past weeks we have been running a crowdfunding campaign ( and building our audience across social media.

This week we will be exploring the possibilities that Facebook Live brings to film marketing. On Tuesday the 13th we will be broadcasting live from a protest organised by our contributors. This will take place in front of the Supreme Court and we will be live from 5.15-6pm.

We are quite excited about this new possibility that Facebook Live brings! As you probably know FB can be quite annoying in forcing a page admin to pay to reach all their subscribers. The good thing about FB Live is that it notifies all your followers when you go live!

If anyone has any good experiences about using FB live to market their films would be great to share experiences!

Here is a link to our FB page if you wish to join the live broadcast!

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