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Distribber Collapse

Hello Shooters,

If you have any interest in distribution (you should) here is something you should all pay attention to. Aggregator 'Distribber' has essentially collapsed. This isn't 'official' yet but the buzz surrounding this means statements will surely emerge soon.

The ever insightful Stephen Follows has just published a good post-mortem analysis of the films they distributed and it's a very interesting read with a few extra insightful comments.

In 2019 distro is a murky game...and don't forget at £0.04 per hour streamed on the 0-99,000hrs tier, Amazon Prime might not be the answer either!

keep filming!

Al Carretta,
Director, Nightpiece Media / Nightpiece Film Festival

  • Hi Shooters,

    If you have been affected by the collapse of Distribber here are some useful articles-

    The best way to contact Distribber directly is to email:

    When contacting Distribber, you can:
    -terminate your agreement with them
    -request that Distribber take down your film from each platform
    -request that Distribber release all rights back to you
    -request that Distribber pay all money owed to you and provide a full accounting of all revenues Distribber received on your behalf
    -request that Distribber ask the platforms to pay all future revenues directly to you
    -request that Distribber refund any fees paid to you for services not provided

    A Facebook group has also been set up as a platform for filmmakers to share information and discuss how to protect themselves


    11 months ago