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Clermont Ferrand Film Market

Hello shooters, was wondering if I could tap your knowledge. My short was recently rejected from CF but I've somewhere along the line entered it into the film market. It's only available to industry delegates via secure link but I'm still early on in my festival strategy.

Is including it in the film market going to destroy its premier status and thus my chances with other festivals?

Cheers and happy hols!


  • Hi Chris

    "Secure" means "private" right? In which case, no, only public screenings would destroy its premiere status.



    2 years ago
  • I guess so Ed, it'll be a password protected link.

    2 years ago
  • Maybe this has changed over the years, but shorts aren't usually included in "premier status" in festivals. For you to burn that bridge, it would have to be publicly available (like youtube or vimeo) outside of the festival circuit. I'd closely check the rules of the festivals you plan to enter. You might be worrying for nothing.

    2 years ago
  • Hi. There are a few 'premier status' festivals for shorts - Cannes, if my memory serves me right, is one of them. Allowing your film to be in the CF Festival Market won't effect that. In fact, I think all the rejected ones are automatically entered (unless one un-ticks the box when making your original submission). Hope that helps allay your fears. Best. Lisa

    2 years ago
  • If you go to Clermont-Ferrand, the Festival is next to Place de Jaude. If you like 'macarons' you have there a splendid cake shop making the best macarons in France: To celebrate your success or to cheer you up.... ;-)

    2 years ago
  • Thanks guys! Yeah unfortunately premiere status for shorts is still very much alive and well. Most disappointingly for Edinburgh which is the big one in my neck of the woods - it must be a national prem, but most still stipulate it can't have been released online.

    @Lisa - yep it's automatically submitted if you don't tick the box.

    2 years ago
  • I'm in the same situation so it's good to get this advice from people. I am also entering into Edinburgh and am now worried as I have premiered in the UK already at the LIAF (London Intentional Animation Fest at the Barbican back in December) and have shown at the LSFF and am up for MANIFF in March. Does this mean Edinburgh is likely to reject me?

    2 years ago