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Shooting People
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Best of British 2014

I spoke to two prolific film critics/cineastes about their favourite British films of 2014 for the Britflicks podcasts.

Stuart Barr:
5) '71
4) Calvary
3) Under The Skin
2) Mr Turner
1) Pride

DW Mault:
5) Locke
4) Starred Up
3) Frank
2) Exhibition / Spell To Ward Off The Darkeness
1) Under The Skin

They also discussed their outliers and bum notes of 2014 too



  • Hi Stuart,

    This looks really interesting, I am wondering whether you would consider posting this information into the bulletins? More people would find it this way and I think you'll find you'll get quite a lot of feedback.



    4 years ago
    • I tried to do that .. I thought it would appear at community in the bulletin ... how do I make sure it appears?

      4 years ago
    • @Stuart Wright Hi Stuart, I will filter the conversation into the bulletin if it hasn't been done so already.



      4 years ago
  • I loved '71. Better than that: it was a thriller, that thrilled, and was made in Britain! How rare is that?

    But most films this year have been pretty feeble:

    4 years ago
    • Stuart barr was echo your sentiments ... DW Mault would entirely disagree ... check out the podcasts for differing views

      4 years ago