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Shooting People
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Pairings you'd like to see

There's a lot of great acting talent in the world, but sometimes you could imagine two strong actors could rustle up an even stronger chemistry between them. I propose

Robert Carlyle and Christopher Eccleston - both strong individually, both have a great range and really seem to invest in their roles, both similar enough yet different enough to either work, or completely fail on screen. If it worked, it'd be dynamite.


Jimmi Simpson and John Simm - Physically similar, one American one British, both very likeable but with an edge. Would make a great dark version of the dime-a-dozen screwball separated at birth comedies...

What pairings would you like to see on screen?

  • I'd like to see Robert Carlyle with anybody. He lifts even bad TV up out of the muck. Christopher Eccleston? Man, I haven't thought of him in years. He was in a picture a buddy of mine directed: "Let Him Have It."

    In the end, I'm terrible at this sort of thing. I couldn't think of a single match without a script to go with it. Guess that's why I'll never run a studio! HA!

    5 years ago
  • Aside from Dr Who, Eccleston was relatively recently in 'The Shadow Line' - absolutely worth seeing if you haven't (and bears rewatching if you have). It was a 6x1hr thriller drama with a rich storyline and some great performances, and came out of the blue. And written by Hugo Blick who was formerly known for some short tragic comedy 'Marion and Geoff'. I liked Eccleston in that.

    5 years ago
  • Robert Carlyle and Christopher Eccleston did appear together in the 1990s in an episode of the TV series "Cracker, when Carlyle's character killed Eccleston's DCI. If memory serves...

    5 years ago
  • IMDB agrees - but I was thinking more of featured pairings... Are there any you'd often thought could work?

    5 years ago
  • I suppose there's nothing wrong with this sort of discussion except that as an actor I know - and pretty sure I know for certain - that there are literally 1000's of good, bad, indifferent actors out there (both genders) that aren't in the 6-8% that get the work - for whatever reason. Carlyle and Ecclestone? Yeah OK but have you nothing better to do? No two people perceive exactly the same thing anyway - don't take my word for that, it's pretty much received wisdom in the world of psychology. I once worked on a student flick where the female (playing my daughter) was a stunning looking young woman, bucket-loads of presence and a fine actress. All the young lads on the set were falling over each other to get near her - though none succeeded I suspect. Anyway the point is I've never seen her since even though - in my opinion - she could knock spots off most of the 'names' that regularly appear on TV. She obviously hasn't as yet won the lottery and got into the Catch 22 of success in acting.

    5 years ago
  • I dunno, but I want to see Tom Hanks as a bad guy

    4 years ago