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Shooting People
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Sound Design for a film about Silence.

Hi, We've recently shot a film inspired on Sara Maitland's, The Book of Silence. Through the film we explore what happens when a human being spends an extended time alone, which is outlined in the first couple of chapters of the book. We shot it at Sara's hermitage on the West Coast of Scotland and it's feature length. We've recorded all of the foley of the actions in the piece and lots of ambient sound from the various locations we were shooting, but we're looking for someone to take the sound design to a new level.

I'm not advertising this as a job yet, as I'm more interested at the moment in hearing from people who may understand what we're trying to achieve and have an interest in joining our team to add the third dimension to the film. This film has the silence/not silence/heightened silence/distortion within the action and we need someone who can take the sound from 'just sound' to the sound experience of the process of being in silence. It may be that the person we're looking for doesn't exist, or doesn't exist on our budget - but I'm interested to see if it resonates with any of you (or anyone you might know)?

Please message me directly if you'd like to chat further.