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Shooting People
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Covid consequences.

Ladies and Gentleman, for your entertainment, opportunity and edification.

It was arrogant and churlish of me to question the benefits of a £15 Amazon voucher. It turns out, by a caprice of Covid, that in inverse proportion to previous times, I'm now relatively rich, because I'm a pensioner with no mortgage or rent to pay and with a bonus income stream to boot. I ought not take my own case for a generality and I apologise for doing so.

What is emerging perhaps, is that Covid is changing a great deal for our society. Increasing authoritarianism and improper legislative disregard for the law is being perpetrated, and our current economic system is likely to cause huge suffering unless it gets a radical reform. On past form our governing institutions, pretty much all of them, including opposition parties, will be looking at how they can initiate another decade of austerity. Because that's what they will need if they are to maintain their power and wealth just as they did after the 2008 crash. We are currently obliged to accept a rigged market fiat currency economy as if it has any actual basis in the physical atomic structure of the reality we depend upon. It so does not. A fact so clear and manifest that it's being hidden in plain sight.

Our industry, film, TV, entertainment arts and media, to give it a vaguely generic label, has already been hit hard. I imagine that one response to this, not only in our industry, will be for more cooperative structures, able to better exploit the changes, to pool skills and resources and provide its members with a more robust resilience. They'll need to be much more strategically creative than similar structures have hitherto been. It's socio-economic-political thing. Exactly what this might look like is still, with increasing clarity, in the minds eye. One thing's for sure, the new normal won't be like the old one.

The issue of what our English and Scottish Constitutions actually are, as opposed to the perverse 19th century Dicyist assertions that have stridently and wrongly been held to be valid for the last 150 years, is likely to be further tested (see Miller-v Government Supreme Court 2017 and 2019) in the upcoming battle for supremacy between the Crown in Parliament and the Crown in the Courts. Victory had better go to the Crown in the Courts if we want to avoid the sort of tyranny that our current government and undemocratic electoral system seeks for us to put up with.

Anyone willing, and most importantly able, to explore a definitive feature documentary, with a fully front loaded big feature budget, revealing in the most compelling and learned form, the unassailable truth in its proper context. I'd be tickled to hear from you. Producers, directors and especially superdoopers (you'll know if that's you) only at this stage please.