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Looking for experience in VFX.

Hi All,

Sorry if this is posting in the wrong place, I am new to this site and not 100% sure how it all works yet.

I am looking to gain experience in VFX for short films/commercials etc.

My day job is as a CGI artist creating photo-realistic renders for company products etc.
I have always wanted to get into VFX, even if it were just for a hobby and so started learning Houdini at the start of this year.

If anyone were looking for for VFX, I would love the opportunity to be able to try and help, even if it were just to play with the footage and learn.

I use Blender for modelling and animation, Substance for texturing, After Effects for tracking/compositing and Houdini Indie for simulations.

Here is a short reel of work I have done. The first parts are more for commerical work.

Stay safe and thank you in advance.


  • Hi Tom,
    You could be just the person I've been looking for. I'm an independent film maker presently making my latest low budget feature 'Host' a psychological horror film. I really need some FX's work and I would really love the chance to talk to you about collobarating with me on this and other feature projects in development, if interested please send me a direct message.
    Lovely looking reel by the way.
    Many thanks Ray Brady website:    

    1 month ago
  • HI TOM, yr work also very interesting...
    I work together with VFX and Green Screen studio in London, maybe interesting to meet after Corona gone...
    I see message of RAY there, he is also great persoon, much involved in films as well
    keep in touch

    1 month ago
  • Very cool, I'm a director/FX artist, I think we could work pretty well together, your areas of strength see, to be in the things I don't do, my expertise is more on the compositing and After Effects side, I make films in the sci-fi kind of realm so let's stay in touch!


    4 weeks ago
  • In fact I'm working on finishing a film at the moment, there's a tons of FX I'm doing in it but not sure if any of it is up your alley, but I will keep you posted if maybe I spot something that you can potentially do :)

    4 weeks ago