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Shooting People
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New website launch

We have just launched a new website called "We Make Films". It is a paid membership site that helps people build their showreels, gain experience and collect IMDb credits.

However, because it is in pre-launch mode we are giving all the members of Shooting People a £4 off voucher which means they can get the paid membership (at Keen level) for life, for £1 per month. If you would like a completely free account you can sign up as a casual member for FREE.

Take a look at and if you like the idea you can sign-up at

Should you want the higher levels of membership, your £4 per month discount will still apply for life. However if you upgrade or downgrade in the future you will lose the discount, so choose wisely. Also, the price rise that is happening on launch day (March 31st) will not effect existing accounts.