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Shooting People
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How to become a film director

Becoming a film director is one of the most popular roles when it comes to asking any newcomers. It is a cool job, to be honest, but it's not the most straightforward path to become a film director.

The good news is, it's very much achievable to become a film director and you can get there in a number of ways. But, it's hard work, a lot of long hours, and will take you years - the wait is definitely worth it!

  • (Just the view of an Australian apparently) based in sunny Telford
    I prefer the title film-maker rather than director - together (techs/actors) we are contributors to a film project thus creating the finished article

    1 month ago
  • Sorry, but I call Bullshit on this article.
    Not only is it badly written (you use ‘on set’ three times in the same sentence) but I think you’re just copy & pasting from the Web.
    I’ve never known Anyone to become a director by working their way up from 3AD. Because it doesn’t happen! It’s a completely unrelated role, and none of the 3 roles give you any training for the role of director.
    For me this completely discredits anything you post, and I’m sick of paying to have these adverts in my bulletins.

    4 weeks ago
  • One ought not take ones own case to be a generality.

    Now then young wippersnapper. The routes taken by people who have achieved professional, technical and artistic viability and recognition are so varied as to make advertisements for how to get there so often look callow.

    Whilst one does need to learn stuff, film makers are born more often than taught, as I've observed over more than four decades in media and creative entertainment. If anything, falling into any presumption rut is even less desirable than it was when technicalities were a lot more obstructively narrow.

    When one considers the vast amount of utterly derivative and trite production going on it's clear that it's the business of the business and money that's dominant, together with all the sociopolitical stuff associated with most media big business. Apart from beating the lotto like odds or enjoying the accomplishments of one's own or someone else's wealth, learning how to monetise one's aspirations is at least as important as knowing how to build a team and make a film.

    4 weeks ago