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Event - Lionstooth Films Screening and Q+A

Afternoon folks, hope you're all enjoying a restful Bank Holiday!

I'm part of Lionstooth Films, an emerging film company in South London - we are holding a #screening of our recent short film 'Collision' at the lovely Soho Courthouse Hotel on the 31st of May at 7.30pm and we would love to meet you! We've also got a panel of award winning and nominated filmmakers who will also be showing their short films, and holding a short Q+A to discuss their goals and future projects.

There's also a chance to network and make connections for future work; though we are a small company, we have a firm policy of paying actors at least NMW and more if we can.
Tickets can be bought via our Eventbrite event at:

We're keen to widen our network to meet as many creative as filmmakers as possible - if you can't make it, why not give us a like on Facebook (Lionstooth Films) on Twitter (@LionstoothFilms).

Hope to see you there!