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NEW: Watch / Comment on New Shoots films submitted

Dear all

We have built a new submissions and display system for New Shoots.
We are now profiling every filmmaker who submits to the New Shoots competition along with their film:

We also asked everyone who submitted, to tell you more about what they are looking for next. You will see where members are based, what other collaborators they are looking for, as well as watch the films submitted.

All the filmmakers who submitted too were very keen to get feedback on their work.

So if you have time, please watch any of the films and give your comments. It makes a massive difference to people to hear about what you liked, how it may have made you feel, and what could also help improve.

Some films remain not viewable because of restrictions, but the new system also allows many films with passwords, to still be seen (just by the SP community.)

A very BIG thankyou too, to the members like Kevin Pacey who feed back to us directly, wanting more interactivity with New Shoots.

Do watch/comment on any of the films, feel free to connect with Directors directly, and find out what people are up to next. Just click on WATCH on the New Shoots page: