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Shooting People
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Short film clichés we should let die

I put together a list of the biggest short film cliches I've seen from 20 years making/watching shorts, and from the film festival circuit. Don't put these in your short films, I beg you.

Do you know of any cliches that I missed?

  • Excellent video! I'm guilty of using a couple of these but you live and learn (not to sound cliched!).

    Incidentally, one cliche-visual I see in films generally, short and feature, is the 'Christ' pose. Usually happens if a character sacrifices themselves or is having blissful moment to music.

    5 days ago
    • Thanks! And yeah that's one that probably feels more subtle/clever to the filmmaker than it does to the audience.

      4 days ago
  • Very interesting Kent! 😊
    It's funny how we think something is really original even though we have seen it a million times before.😀
    I guess the art of filmaking is to make it familiar and yet also make it surprising to the audience... well something like that. Make it interesting atleast!!!😎lol

    5 days ago
    • Also what made me laugh was the bit about sad parts - sometimes as actors you really want to express and feel the emotions, and hope to connect to the audience. But you are right the audience also wants to be entertained, not just traumatised!!! 😂 haha

      5 days ago
    • Thanks! It's a really hard challenge to surprise the audience without losing them. There's so many movies and TV shows that every type of scene has been done before, we just have to push ourselves a little more to put a fresh twist on them.

      4 days ago