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Shooting People
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Student filmmaker


I joined Shooting people on the advice of a guest lecturer I had this morning.

I am a 2nd year student studying Photography and Video in Leicester and film is defiantly the area I would like to go in too.
The films I have created so far have been short, experimental pieces, with quite an artistic aesthetic but I would definitely like to create/work on more narrative pieces in the future.

I am hoping to find opportunities where I could help out and learn as I go. And any advice and tips!

But for now hello to you all!


  • Hi Becky, best place to look is the Production/"get work" bit of the site. As a member you can also post on the "get people" for your own projects :)

    11 months ago
    • Thank you. I will definitely keep checking there!

      11 months ago
  • Hi Becky, I used to live in Leicester. There is a filmmaking group that meets at The Phoenix - I think it's called 9/5 - I don't recall exactly as they wouldn't allow under 18s to join. I think they make quite a few shorts and features together and if I still lived there I'd be trying to join for sure.

    11 months ago
    • Thank you so much! I’ve just found there website and will definitely look into joining. Thanks again.

      11 months ago