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Shooting People
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International Independent Film Studio Idea

Hello All! I simply wanted to share an idea I had just a few minutes ago that involves as many people here forming an International Independent Film Studio through the form of a YouTube Channel (Or whatever other main platform we decide on)! We could also form an Instagram page, Twitter page, Facebook page, and any other pages we can come up with! I think this would be a wonderful idea, especially during these dark times, and that it would best serve all of us to band together in the name of independent film!

I apologize if this is rather rough in ideas and development, as it's an incredibly fresh one, but I felt it better to express this idea sooner rather than later! Everyone of all backgrounds and experience levels is welcome to join in on this grand idea! Any level of involvement, feedback and support is greatly encouraged! I hope to meet many new faces on here and to develop lasting relationships for years to come!