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Short & Feature Film Investment Funding Webinar

I hope that this post is ok and meets SP's standards.

6th August | 1900 | 2-Hours | Online via Zoom

There's so much misinformation, lack of, conflicting and much sporadic information - around the art of 'How to find, pitch and raise film investment".

For a long time now, some of my film clients have been badgering me to put together a webinar to help filmmakers learn the basics of effective investment raising skills. Over time, they will then attain funding mastery and success themselves in the long term of their film careers.

So, I have capitulated to their requests and taken the content of the 1-2-1 client funding mentoring program and adapted it for a small online group masterclass.

This workshop will be a limited number (12 people), one-off, hands-on, online webinar, presented on the 6th August via Zoom for about two or so hours. Every attendee who stays the complete duration will, in addition, receive a further three months of email support to help them with answers to any funding questions or specific guidance around investment funding for their short or feature film projects.

If you would like to attend, please message me privately, answering this simple question: "Why should you be granted a place on this one-off, limited place webinar?". Those who are subsequently successful and invited to attend will be emailed further details prior to the event.


  • UPDATE: Apologies, I should have mentioned that this is a free to attend event.

    4 months ago