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What's your top film of 2019?

Hi Shooters,

It's been another fantastic year for film and we would love to know your top film of 2019? And whether you have a film or tv guilty pleasure?

My top film: Monos (Alejandro Landes, Colombia)
I first watched this knowing nothing about it, and it completely blew me away. The mesmeric and contrasting settings of the bleak mountaintop and humid jungle, the incredible acting and the intoxicating score by Mica Levi (Under the Skin, Jackie) makes for a truly immersive experience.

My guilty pleasure: Derry Girls
This year a lovely Australian couple moved into my house-share and it was decided we would embark on a UK TV education. So far we've shown them- Derry Girls, Great British Bake Off, Supermarket Sweep and Gavin and Stacey (I cannot wait for the Xmas special!) Derry Girls is about a group of teenagers growing up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, but it's hilariously funny and full of 90's nostalgia.

Do you think something deserves the Oscar? Do you binge watch something in bed? Did you run out of the cinema screaming? Do share...

  • Ahhhh… mine was ALSO Monos! Had no idea where it was going and became totally caught up in the ride.

    But I’d also highly recommend ‘Shakedown’, a feature doc about a black queer women’s underground strip club in 90’s Los Angeles, before it was shut down by police. It’s directed by Leila Weinraub (who was a participant, offering as close to an insider perspective as possible), has tons of amazing archive, and constantly questions how to create space, experiment, explore while also having to deal with the struggles of survival, earning enough to live. It’s a rare kind of documentary - a ’document’ in the truest sense of the word.

    Guilty Pleasure!
    Got to be: ‘Brain Dead’ tv series. It’s about Republicans/Democrats going completely crazy at each other, because alien bugs arrive and get into their heads…. Literally, their heads explode… Was made by the same team who did ‘The Good Wife’. It’s honestly genius. And hilarious. And currently feels so close to the truth…

    7 months ago
  • Hello Molly,

    This is quite a tough question.

    My favorite films so far:

    Rocketman - It´s just such a great biopic. It took the original facts and gave them a fantasy and musical twist.

    Joker - One of the best performances on screen this year and being a massive fan of "The King of Comedy" I really appreciated the film.

    Yesterday - Altought, the film didn´t manage to reach my high expectations. I still really enjoyed it for the cast and the amazing plot.

    Before the end of the year, looking forward to catching up Honey Boy.


    Derry Girls is such an amazing series. The ending of season 1 most be one of the best endings to a comedy season ever.

    Had an amazing time watching "The End of F****** "
    Season 2 and catching up with "The Good Place"

    7 months ago
  • Always nice to reflect back on the great work filmmakers made this year; it's been a good year for movies both in the UK and outside!

    For me, a few faves:

    The Souvenir - beautiful and thoughtful exploration of toxicity and addiction in a relationship, as well as a pretty searing self-account of privilege. Great performances, and with a very distinctive visual style mixing 16mm, Super 8 and digital. I made a video about it:

    Wild Rose - a crowd-pleaser with surprising depth, and an astonishing lead performance in Jessie Buckley, who really can do it all.

    Ash is Purest White - following a couple through decades of social change in China, this film has some gorgeous cinematography, stellar lead performances and a really deep appraisal of how life changes as you age. Narrowly beat another epic story about Chinese social change, So Long My Son, which is also very good.

    Atlantics - Senegalese auteur-actor Mati Diop's first feature, a genre-blending look at young love, unfair labour practices and the perils of migration. Very interesting as it threads a line between her arthouse shorts and something much more commercial; currently on Netflix so well worth seeing.

    7 months ago
  • Can I remember the films I saw early in 2019? Not a friggin' chance. But recently... 'Joker' was sad and affecting. 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' was hugely entertaining. And the film I couldn't get to see, but feel I would have loved it, was 'Bait'.

    7 months ago
  • I would suggest 'Beanpole' and 'Capernaum'. As for Oscars, I really hope something goes to 'Marriage Story'.

    Series? Many. If you missed it, I'd recommend 'Mr. Robot'. Soon there will be the Series Finale so you have a good binge assured.

    7 months ago
  • I haven't watched that many films this year, although I must suggest "For Love or Money (2019)" which we finally released ;-)

    Surprise of the year for me was "One Cut of the Dead" - I can't describe it too much without spoilers, but if you're a small indie filmmaker trying to make a zombie film, you'll find plenty to recognise. All in Japanese and certainly creatively structured with wonderful callbacks. If there's any perfect audience for this film, it's members here, TBH. I'd love to tell you more, but you'll get so much more joy from it going in cold.

    7 months ago
  • I don’t think ‘The Farewell’, written and directed by Lulu Wang, got the attention it deserved. It is a great film about a Chinese family planning a fake wedding as an excuse to gather all friends and relatives to say goodbye to a grandmother – without telling her that she has been diagnosed with cancer and is dying. I saw it after hearing that the film won the Sundance London 2019 audience award, and I was happily surprised how a story without many twists or special effects can still be very entertaining.

    7 months ago
  • Mine would have to be a documentary and that is “Apollo 11”. Fabulous footage brought together about such an awe-inspiring event.

    7 months ago
  • My quick list of top films of 2019 based on the first themes that come to mind:

    For Sama - a must see.
    The Street.
    Little Big Farm.
    Citizen K.

    My British made top 3:
    The Last Tree.
    A Bump Along The Way (Irish too).

    Global film:
    Joker - for the acting performance.

    7 months ago