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Shooting People
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Unit Stills/Production Stills

I am a recent graduate in photography,film & media where I started out as a documentary & Event photographer and then by chance ended up on a set of a film where I fell in love with this type of work. I did several films in my final year and after graduating I went off to do a partial Masters where I learned more about filmmaking to help my stills craft. Since leaving education I have tried to get work on films but it seems near impossible to achieve, so my discussion topic is this..... What is the best approach to forging a career in unit/production stills starting in the U.K and where do I find contact details for publicists on films?

  • Hiya Darryl,

    I suggest doing it for short films and other productions and getting by on word-of-mouth. We always hire photographers to do unit stills for us, and although it's often unpaid, we promote the photographer via our social media pages and a few have gone on to shoot unit stills on other productions.

    Adrian (Mellow9 Productions)

    6 months ago
    • Yes, adrian that is what I am doing already, however even that does not seem to be masking a dent in any way... I am at a loss.

      6 months ago
    • @Darryl Calvert I think a part of the problem is that it is oversubscribed - everyone wants to be shooting BTS, the competition is high from anyone with a camera wanting to give it a go. Even professional semi-famous photographers will turn their hand for a bit of variety.

      6 months ago