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First feature film released on Amazon prime

I’m ecstatic to announce that my first feature film Next Time Ned - The Director’s Cut is now on Amazon Prime in the UK & the US.

A huge thanks goes to the entire Cast & Crew and everyone involved in the production.

Please give it a view and a wee review at:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

  • Hey Thomas, how did your release on Amazon go? Were the terms awful? Did you self publish? Your film looks funny! Good idea and I like the mockumentary aspect of it.

    2 months ago
    • Self published, terms aren’t that great but Amazon prime is a great platform for independent productions.

      2 months ago
  • Thomas Hi,
    Congrats! I'll get to this when my 4 year old gives me chance.
    Could we have more detail on how you released, deal terms and...
    What format you shot on
    Budget (if you can disclose)
    Helps us all - more details the better.
    Cheers, Ivan

    2 months ago
    • Thanks very much. This was filmed back in 2008-2010 and never released. I decided to do a director’s cut of the film during the first lockdown and release it on Amazon. The total budget was £5,000. This was my first feature, this was the same for most of the cast and crew and we all worked for free.

      2 months ago
    • @Thomas McCue
      Thanks Thomas. Can you write about the journey to Amazon Prime? How you made contact. What they offered? How does payment work? Was there an up front fee followed by pay per view etc?
      What did you shoot on BTW?
      It's a great story and will help myself and others on our own journeys.
      Cheers, Ivan

      2 months ago
    • @Ivan Francis Clements
      You can create an account at payment is based on minutes viewed, the longer your film and the more it gets viewed the more you make. Long delay in payments, next time ned was live in September (after 8 weeks waiting to load. It’s longer just now due to covid, completely understandable) and I’ll find out how much earned this month. It won’t be much but it’s really more about a platform for your work that can be accessed from the UK and USA. If you have a few projects or shorts that you’ve been sitting on and not too sure what to do with them get them on Amazon prime, find an audience, get exposure and maybe make a few pennies.

      Sorry I can’t give more info on what we shot on as that was in the DP’s hands. Like I say I wasn’t very technical back then. Lol

      Hope this helps.

      2 months ago
    • @Thomas McCue
      That's great. Thanks Thomas - I will get to watch it. I started but, with a 4 year old, distractions are a plenty! Well done again!

      2 months ago
  • Hi Thomas,
    Followed your link to Amazon to find that there very surprisingly isn't a trailer available to watch for your film, were you aware of this, and do you think people will watch a film without having the chance to watch the film's trailer first?
    Either way, congratulations on completing Next Time Ned and getting it on to Amazon. Kudos
    Regards Ray Brady

    2 months ago
    • I’ve watched lots of films without watching a trailer, but I do admit that I need one. The film was finished 10 years ago and at the time I wasn’t very technical and couldn’t edit, that has now changed and I will create a trailer. To give you and idea of the film Here’s a teaser trailer that was released a good few years ago

      2 months ago
  • Hi Thomas, I have just watched your film on Amazon UK, and I really liked it! Congratulation to you and to all who worked on this film. Good script, very amusing film, and superb acting, not just from Raynold Mearns but from everyone. Best wishes, Adrienn

    2 months ago
    • Thanks very much for your kind words and the great review on amazon it’s really appreciated.

      2 months ago
  • Hello Thomas,
    Happy New Year!
    Congrats! Really looking forward to watching it.

    3 weeks ago
  • Thanks for all the questions and amazing feedback on my post. It’s really been appreciated. I’m cancelling my shooting people membership for this year, just can’t see things picking up for a while and therefore probably won’t use it as much as I should. I won’t see any replies after January but just wanted to say all the best to everyone with your projects in the future and keep fighting to make it in this amazing industry. As Ned himself would say, never give up.


    4 days ago