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Medieval/Fantasy Short Films?

I'm looking for medieval and fantasy recommendations - you know the sort of thing. Swords and sorcery. Most of the shorts I'm finding online are fan films or cosplay/larp sketches, but I'm convinced there's an underground community of sword-wielding mavericks cutting decent, original stories together!

I'm diving headfirst into my own short fantasy film, shooting in Yorkshire, and starting to battle with costume sourcing and location hunting... It would be great to hear from some who have done this before. If you've seen anything memorable or have some previous run-ins with these films let me know!

  • Hello Cieran,

    As a big fan of the fantasy genre, I recently enjoyed watching Distance, a very well put together low budget short film.

    The process of filming this film was also filmed as part of "Making a Film Company" series which is one of the best BTS/how-to for indie filmmaking I have ever seen:

    I hope this is helpful,

    1 month ago
    • Hi Johnny, fascinating story here - thanks for sharing! I'll definitely check out the rest of that series, seems like they've got a lot of detail up on their YouTube.
      Great to see other fantasy fans on here as well, the film I'm on is @MyrlanFilm on socials if you want to see what we're up to..!

      1 month ago
    • @Cieran Ryan
      Likewise, Really excited to see your future work.
      Just followed your @MyrlanFilm on social media.
      A massive congrats on reaching your Kickstarter goal!!!

      4 weeks ago
    • @Johnny Maya Thanks! Everyone's working voluntarily so the KS funding goes straight into the film - means it goes a lot further! It's been a really good platform for us actually, fingers crossed we'll be shooting in a few weeks!

      4 weeks ago
  • Hi,

    You could search on Short of the Week:
    although I think most of those aren't the LotR fantasy you're after.
    Other than that, I'm sure there's a reason there aren't more fantasy short films: costumes, locations, weapons, jewels, spells etc are tricky/pricey.
    Finding a mediaeval reenactment group is definitely a good start, if you've not done that already.
    Good luck!

    1 month ago
    • Hi Paul, I came across a couple interesting films from your recommendation - found The Hunt For Gollum, while a definite fan film had some interesting insights into what can be done on the cheap. Cheers!

      1 month ago
    • @Cieran Ryan Funnily enough my old flatmate was in that (as an Orc). They shot a lot in Epping Forest (much at night), minimal budget, and I'm sure they had a decent VFX chap attached from the start. It's actually pretty good huh.
      I also thought of The Sermon
      which isn't exactly mediaeval, but it has that feel to it (and is very good).

      4 weeks ago
    • @Paul W Franklin Small world! Yeah, they did a great job! Don't suppose you still have a contact? I'd love to hear about what that was like to shoot.
      Thanks for recc. on The Sermon, I agree - the aesthetics definitely cross over with the medieval feel, especially all that heather. Beautifully shot.

      4 weeks ago
  • its looking good, cast do well, and nice locations, story

    4 weeks ago