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Shooting People
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The Filmmakers Podcast Presented by Damien Swaby


I've got a podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud. Here are the links to the podcast.

The Filmmakers Podcast:

I would love to know what type of topics filmmakers would like on the show.
Or who has a project they would like to talk about on the podcast.


  • Hi, we'd love to talk about our film Soundtrack to Sixteen if you'll have us! It's our first feature and it'll be premiering at the London Independent Film Festival on 5th April so we're very keen to get the word out!
    Our website is or the film is if you want to check us out :)

    Hillary and Anna

    4 months ago
  • Hello Nick, I'm the Producer/Co-Director of "They Sing up on the Hill", a Mongolian indie-music feature that had it's world premier at Busan International Film Festival last year. This year it will be touring. I have loads of chat about certain strange quirks of the 'world cinema' scene. Get in touch if you're interested. All the best, Ian.

    4 months ago
  • Hi Damien, there already is a fantastic podcast by Giles Alderson called The Filmmakers Podcast with over 100 episodes. A must listen for all indie filmmakers in all departments including actors -

    4 months ago
  • Also available on Itunes and wherever you get your podcasts.

    4 months ago