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Shooting People
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Brighton-based screenwriters?

Any screenwriters based in Sussex interested in meeting to discuss scriptwriting via Zoom during lockdown? And possibly meeting over coffee or something stronger after the lockdown?

  • Hi Stephen.
    I'm just the other end of the Undercliff Walk and am always up for chewing the cud.
    Also worth noting that SP used to do Shooters in the Pub at the wonderful Komedia, that attracted all kinds of filmmakers. As things seems to be looking more hopeful, fingers crossed this can get a relaunch soon. Worth supporting the venue in the meantime if you’re able 😊
    Also, might be worth joining Shooting People – Brighton on Facebook, if you’re on there...

    3 months ago
  • Hi Stephen. I live in Rottingdean and write screenplays. Does that count? I’m easier at

    3 months ago
  • Hi Stephen. I’m near Gatwick so about 20 minutes from Brighton. Ive just re-polished my comedy feature script Supermarket Zombies (you are what you eat) a comedy about vegan zombies who are being killed off by a religious cult, and have just finished writing a pilot called Working From Home, about an agoraphobic hitman and his ambitious wife.
    Would love to meet up when all this shit has disappeared and we’re back to some kind of normality. If you’d like to read anything of mine, my email is
    Stay safe and good luck

    3 months ago