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Shooting People
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I'm from America and you're not!

HA HA HA! In England you used to have this thing called sarcasm, no?

  • Good grief Tod

    What's it all about. Don't yet see the comedy in these one liners as you roll them out. Looking forwards to the denouement moment when we get to see joke.

    2 years ago
  • Oh he's clearly just pulling a publicity stunt, trying to generate interest in his film or something. With me it has had the opposite effect as I feel he has already revealed his level. Perhaps the moderators could drop him a line and tell him to curb his "zany" time-wasting posts.

    2 years ago
  • Yes he might wet his bed if he hears humor.

    Argue with me. Really slay me with your brain power and writing ability. You might learn something or maybe I will disavow my horrible behavior that affects so many lives!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are we entertainers or communists?

    This isn't Russia? It this Russia?

    Films are stories, Burn books all you want,
    but only a better film will win the day in this game.

    You actually would be part of a site that would censor someone for telling a joke?!? I know you are stronger then that my friend. So please stop harassing my free expression and leave me be.

    Bottom Line:
    I am funny and you can only beat me by silencing me because you have no wit to speak of or you would us it, no?

    Frightened and Mean is no way to go through life baby, Oh well Ownership has it's privileges! :0)



    2 years ago
  • I do love your Bangers and Mash...
    and Monty Python rocks, so don't cry.
    I kid the English because I love them!

    2 years ago
  • Don't forget the Welsh, Scots and Irish

    2 years ago