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Is anyone going to any Brexit event tomorrow 29th March ?

Is anyone going to any Brexit event tomorrow 29th March ?

At Parliament Square 4pm March for Brexit rally organised by Leave Means Leave-
Now cancelled by Parliament, it was supposed to be Brexit Day?

Is anyone going to do any filming or interviews?
There’s other events taking place, for example a debate at Tate Modern

Or just wondering...
Are there any Shooter Brexiteers out there?
Didn’t think so.
Does anyone think Brexit will be bad for the film industry?

  • Brexit will be disastrous for practically everyone apart from the very rich. Nothing touches them.

    4 months ago
    • I don't know - long term it could be just the kick up the butt needed by both the EU parliament and the UK. If either are up to the challenge. So probably not great then - although interesting times breed interesting films... silver linings?

      4 months ago
  • I still think TM is playing a "not leaving the EU" blinder

    4 months ago
  • A double bluff you wonder. Would that be crediting her with too much intelligence. There will be another vote, we won't be leaving; or at least not in any significant way.

    4 months ago