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Shooting People
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Looking for Talented Actors and Film Makers to partake in Breakthrough Course.

National Youth Film Academy are looking for the next generation film talent for their part-time 12 month Breakthrough Course.

If you're 16-25 and eager for the greatest introductions in the film industry, their Breakthrough Course allows you to continue your work and studies whilst building the confidence and experience to succeed in your chosen field.

Holding auditions/interviews in Newcastle, Manchester and London. For more information visit if you have any questions contact for the 2018 brochure.

Thank you!

  • Why is the age limit so high? I'm 14 and that certainly makes me a young filmmaker. Is this a strict rule and who decides upon the age criteria?

    2 years ago
  • Oh the touching innocence of youth! No-one believes anything anyone says in this business Holly, so - well OK don't actually lie - but exaggerate.

    2 years ago