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SRT File creation

I have a distributor that wants to take on my feature film approx 55 mins in length, they want the film to be created into an SRT File I am quite technically challenged and wondered if there is anyone that can assist me please

  • so, an srt file is a text file, that plays over a video file (eg. in youtube), and is often used to create subtitles. It doesn't contain any video. I normally make an srt file of the script of my film (you have to insert text, and then input timings for dialogue, while playing the video within the software file). You can create srt files with inexpensive software like Subtitles the Editor. It's a bit time consuming to get the time codes right, but works to create subtitles.
    When I create them, I make a master file - check timings are correct, then input whichever language. You can then import an srt directly into premier, or better still, into after effects - apply style choices to your subs (font, size etc). Then import the file into premier and export your film with burned in subs.
    Otherwise, if supplying to TV channels, distributors etc, they will often use the srt script file to create subs according to their own specs.
    Hope that helps!
    best, Katie Moore

    3 weeks ago
    • Hi Katie
      Thanks for the info, I don't have any software or editing ability to do the file creation, so my best bet is to get someone to do it for me, thanks for your help

      3 weeks ago
  • Hi Moira, Seasonal greetings.
    I can very highly recommend the services of Rev you send them a digital copy of your film, or a link to Vimeo plus a script if you have one. In a couple of days, they send you back a version to proofread, you can easily amend any glaring errors. They are quick and quite inexpensive, also if you decide to get additional subtitles created at the same time they give you a heavily discounted rate on additional ones. I usually go for English, then Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. Great for global festival screenings and further international sales.
    Kind regards Ray Brady

    3 weeks ago
    • Hi Ray
      Thanks for the info, I would probably have to get someone to create this file for me, so its handy to have a recommendation of someone, I will contact them, thanks so much M

      3 weeks ago
  • Hi Moira - I was frustrated by this issue and eventually found and was in contact with Jodene there who was very helpful. They were able to produce accurate subtitles and .srts for me quickly at really reasonable rate and I have now used them several times. All the best Ruth

    2 weeks ago
  • Hi Moira,
    When complete Rev sends you an editable file. You can watch your video with the subtitles they have created and if you see an error or omission you can stop the video and correct the subtitle track when you finish you then save your proofread version. Very easy to use and the best way that I have found of creating a SRT file other than doing it from scratch yourself, there are several templates that can be found online to download and do it all your self but it does take a surprising amount of time to do this.
    Regards Ray

    2 weeks ago
  • Hi Moira, Each and every sale involves jumping through the hoops of the respective company dictates which you need to comply with to complete the deal/sale. English subtitles are requested for the following reasons, possible hard of hearing viewers, dialect issues for foreign audiences, an attached basic subscript for further international translations etc,.
    The producer providing their film has to provide all the requested deliverables, you can argue the toss over these, but push too hard and they will usually simply walk away. They like you are busy people and do not like doing any extra work than necessary, all subtitles/SRT and many more items are all standard expected deliverables, to put it simply, your problem to provide not theirs to create.
    Kind regards Ray

    2 weeks ago
  • Not sure how useful this will be for you as you seem reluctant to use editing software, BUT, DaVinci Resolve produces .srt files. The process of adding the subtitles is graphical / drag-and-drop rather than having to fiddle with timecodes. Therefore say if you find that you have to add something at the start, everything slides along and that's very convenient. Without having to actually edit in Resolve, you could just drop your finished film in then create the subtitles over the top. It's genuinely straightforward.
    On a side note, I think the precise timing of subtitles is a bit of an art-form in itself. I try not to pre-empt the dialogue revealing something for example. Even getting the basics right (like spelling!) is not universally well done. So many times I watch with subtitles and it spoils all the effort of the actors, editor, writer... And if you are bilingual then it's sometimes frustrating to read the subtitles that go against the meaning of what's been said.
    But anyway. I digress. I recommend Resolve for your problem, especially if you have more time than money available. HTH.

    2 weeks ago