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Shooting People
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Spate of elevated thefts on sites - FYI

Hi All,

I've just had a message from our broker (who covers a lot of features and TV) that there's been a recent spike in thefts -

"We have had a recent spate of thefts on productions, some from vehicles, some more opportune or sophisticated. [They] insure a lot of hire companies as well as productions, so it would be prudent to be aware of this spike when planning your security measures, especially overnight and in vehicles presently."

Just a heads-up really, people are targeting us whilst we're down. Take precautions.

  • Many a time I've slept in our van, with a ton or more of equipment, whilst the crew have slept in their comfy beds. The buck stopped with me.

    Often on location no one feels that level of personal duty, especially if they don't actually have their own skin in the game. It's what seperates principals from those being employed.

    We never leave equipment, unsupervised, in a van, car or anywhere that's easily accessed by just anyone.

    1 year ago