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Shooting People
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DOP looking for new narrative directors to work with: LONDON

Hi SP.

I'm an experienced DOP based in London, UK.

Most of my experience has been in documentary, fashion, music video, and commercial. Although I have worked on a couple of narrative shorts in the past, I really want to make more time for narrative film work.

So on that note I'm looking to find directors who have some good short films in mind to send me an email:

Personal preference is drama, black humour, but serious undertones. But open to anything good.

Preferably projects that can afford a gaffer and 1st AC, and a bit of lighting kit. I own a fair bit of kit but I'm not looking to shoot anything that can't be done properly... gaffer and 1st AC are essential on my end. I have a good network of film crew to be involved.

Let's make something good.