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Crowdfunding £1m - folly or fortitude?

You know, it would be easy if people started contributing as soon as the opportunity arose. But people wait, to see what others do. And, of course, those who sieze the day get the best rewards.

We launched a crowdfunding campaign for our feature film 'My Good Side' on 4th January and have already raised £14k at the time of writing. Being bold has its own rewards! And the rewards available are also bold - the most genius one being a MASTERCLASS on CROWDFUNDING - genius because it will only come into being, and be paid for, if we SUCCEED.

But what do you think? Folly or Fortitude?

Will you support our quest? The film is designed to raise awareness of #breastcancer - the number 2 cancer (after lung cancer) in the world. Our message is about early detection and diagnosis. And you can see it (and contribute!) here:

Either way, please wish us luck!

  • Since no one else has responded, I'll go with folly :-)

    UNLESS you have an mazing PR machine that is going to put you in all the papers, media, TV with your very compelling story about wanting to raise £1M for breast cancer awareness.

    I'm serious - 1M is huge ask, and unless your personal network includes the kind of celebs who might drop you Ks, you'll need to raise widespread awareness.

    This also has the benefit that talking about a breast cancer movie on TV to a million viewers is, in itself, raising awareness of breast cancer :-)

    Good luck.

    3 weeks ago