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collaboration for a webserie

Hi Guys,
I am looking for various crew to collaborate with.

I am looking to create a YouTube Web-series. I have the pilot script ready.

I am hoping to get funding and will launch a crowdfunding campaign.
But at the moment its a no budget.

Genre: Dark comedy

If interested, Inbox me for more info.

  • Hi Marie,
    Would love to get involved. Give me a call and we can discuss.
    Stef x

    1 year ago
  • Hey Marie,

    What crew are you looking for? Inbox me when you get a chance! I just finished directing a webseries I co-wrote and am on a roll!
    x Vasco

    1 year ago
  • Hi Marie,

    If you've not already, I recommend posting into 'Production' > 'Get People' if you're looking for collaborators. This will be the most effective way of finding other shooters who might want to work with you on your project.

    Best of luck with it.

    1 year ago
  • Hi Marie,

    I'd love to hear more! Do get in touch:


    1 year ago
  • Hiya,

    I would be really interested in acting in it if I would suit any of your roles


    1 year ago
  • Hey Marie-Helene,

    I am an actor and would absolutely love to get involved. Send me a message if you're up for it.


    1 year ago
  • Hi guys thank you so much for your message's of interest. Sorry my computer died so couldn't message you all back. But will get back you individually tonight. Stay blessed 😊

    12 months ago
  • Hi Marie,

    I'm a composer and sound designer - would love to help out if you are interested! Would be happy to share previous work with you.


    12 months ago