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Using VFX on your films

There are many, many reasons why you may want or need to utilise VFX on your film. From corrective tasks, like removal of boom poles or cables for example, to adding specific required elements, like CGI characters for example.

And having worked on numerous film, video and TV projects, I've found that probably c.75% of those did or should have utilised some form of the above.

But I've also found that filmmakers have a lack of knowledge or understanding of VFX as in 1) what can be achieved, 2) how to plan and incorporate into a project, 3) how budget-friendly VFX can be, 4) where to start.

My top-tip for anyone considering VFX on their next film, or what can be achieved, is this:


So many times I've been asked by a new client to help on shots with greenscreen or to track images onto phones/computer screens, AFTER the filming. And inevitably, there are always huge ball-aches I have to deal with that could have been avoided if only the filmmaker had called me much earlier on.

So, my advice is when break down your script for prep, have a conversation with someone like myself to see if you could save some time, money or stress with required or potential VFX on your next film. Having worked many times as a VFX Producer, I can guarantee that an early conversation will stop you from going grey/bald!

So, a question: have you failed to use VFX solutions on your previous films due to a lack of knowledge, confidence, awareness etc? If so, please do share as I'd love to hear from you :)