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Shooting People
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Has anyone done this Raindance course? Do you think this course is worth it?


Has anyone done the course 'Building a film directing career' run by Raindance in London.

The course is £300, so just wondering if any of you think it's worth it.

I've been making short films and developing a feature over the last four years and want to make the feature next year.

I was thinking this might provide some great motivation and guidance. But it is expensive and that money could be well spent on the feature!


  • If you’ve already established yourself as a short film director, I think that’s more important than doing the course. As you say, £300 is a lot of money and it could be spent elsewhere. Put it into your next feature! Or you could spend it on festival submission fees to get your shorts out there

    2 years ago
  • I haven't done that course but I've done Raindance writing and producing courses and I found them very helpful, also a good way to network and build up contacts

    2 years ago
  • Thanks guys

    2 years ago