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Time / Money / Emotional Energy Breakdown per Film

The other day I was discussing with my producer the actual amount of time, money and emotional investment required to get a film produced.
We came up with the following estimates, which could be wildly off the mark. Only the lowball figures add up to 100%. Higher figures, would of course, have to be recalibrated into the mix.

What exactly has been your experience, all ye toilers out there in SP Land?

SCRIPT: 5% - 10%
POST: 15% - 30%
MARKETING: 10% - 25%
TOTALS: 100% - 160%

  • Total of at least 160% feels about right!! ;-)

    I wouldn't underestimate the amount of work in actually making the movie - don't forget every day will be at least 12h, and you'll need a team of at least 20 people (probably more like 40-70) with a correlating number of moving parts. The other phases are far more flexible timings-wise, you get some R&R time, whereas the actual feature production phase is relentless...

    Luckily Marketing isn't as much of a biggie as all that - you either get a sales agent and distribution, or don't. The distributor will market the film.

    Just my thoughts, any help? :)

    5 months ago
  • How long is a piece of string?

    So many variables. An important one is related to the quality, even if only in terms of audience perception, of the film itself. For producers and principals, it can be too easy to wishfully misaprehend what so much time and resource has been invested in. The difference between an uphill struggle and something that sells itself, in this matter, is of the essence.

    It applies to any sort of production or product.

    5 months ago
  • 'You either get a sales agent or you don't' Paddy? How do you do that then? Sounds easy. Remember Alan Parker (and he's a big name right?) after he'd made Midnight Express, 'Well that was the easy bit. Now to get it distributed'.
    On another tack I was chatting to two young women in the biz and asking them about one of my babies and how much did they reckon I could make it for. It's a four pager by the way with 6 or 7 characters and they reckoned very minimum a grand. I could probably just afford that but have I got the energy at my time of life?

    5 months ago
    • Hiya, if a film is completed and in a marketable genre, you might be able to find a sales agent - look for one which is working in a similar sector (eg for horror, where they only rep horrors, they have a better chance of saying yes than one which does romantic comedies). If you get a sales agent or distributor direct, they can provide a financial injection/advance for marketing. Drama is a hard sell by comparison :-/

      A grand sounds a bit low to me, but if you can do 4 pages in a day and get favours for a day I guess it'd be possible... Hard work, but doable...

      5 months ago