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Shooting People
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Hello Shooters,

Over the last months, it has been quite tough to be creative and even more difficult to kickstart projects.

I was thinking of how I can help, and honestly, I donĀ“t know if this will be helpful but if you ever need an actor, so you can hear the words you wrote out loud, drop me a message.

Best Wishes,


  • Great offer! I'd like to offer the same - soon we'll have a whole cast for any writers out there looking to hear their own words!

    1 month ago
    • Yeah!!! This is Great! Thank you so much for joining.

      1 month ago
  • Hi Johnny and Laura. I'd certainly appreciate your involvement, so thank you for asking. I have to caution that writers are usually ignored in final casting decisions but I have m and f tv comedy parts to record and pitch. Accents needed are clear UK, Antipodean, Welsh, US. I also need book narration and dialogue recorded for potential use on Audible butb I'd need to know your reading voice to see which would be suitable. I put these things on hold because sound editing separately recorded actors together to feel natural would be unconvincing if I did it.

    1 month ago
    • Hi Adam,

      I can cover UK and US for your. Please drop me a message if you would like to discuss your project further. thanks, Laura

      1 month ago
  • Hello Adam,

    My intention with this was not to be cast, but just to help a writer or director, that wants to have their script read out loud.

    Drop me a message if you want to talk about your project.

    1 month ago
  • Hi Adam. My Welsh and my Antipodean are both quite good and my others are O.K. Comedy is my favourite. (wouldn't know it from this picture, would you?) 07900 358 940

    1 month ago
    • I must say, you have the perfect name for comedy. I'll send an email.

      1 month ago
  • I was thinking about this the other day, it would be nice to have my script read out by someone other than myself. I'll definitely come back to this post. Cheers

    4 weeks ago
  • We'll be trying a short script read-through using Zoom on Thursday after 5pm GMT but are short of an actress to voice 1 role. If anyone is available to volunteer at short notice, that would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    3 weeks ago
  • A public thank you to the talented actors Johnny Maya, Laura Hanna and Grainne O'Mahony for so kindly suggesting and participating in a radio script read through. It was a really helpful session and their perspective on what works and which fixes should make it less bewildering will now shape the broadcast version. There's nothing like hearing the words spoken by a professional to understand if they have the intended crunch and I'm continually amazed by how selfless actors can be when you want to make an anomalous story happen.

    2 weeks ago
  • That is very kind of you, thanks Adam, best of luck with it!

    2 weeks ago