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Shooting People
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No, I don't mean boobs or babes or bums or bonking or bestiality, I mean Brexit! I have stopped listening to news etc. Like most Brits, I just want the lousy stuck up, millionaire, politicians to get on with implementing the referendum result-just as they have with every other referendum in history.

  • I'm fed up with politicians and commentators who keep claiming that they speak for most British people, or who keep asserting, entirely without any empirical evidence, that the British people want this or that. The assertion that most British people just want someone else "to just get on with it" has no real basis at all. Just because some folk are so incapable of sustaining a concidered view on the issue ought not be taken to be evidence that their own shallow perspective is shared by everyone.

    9 months ago
  • Um probably not going to find your target audience here Nat, this isn't Romford. We don't want Rees-Mogg or Farage (the stuck up millionaire politicians) to implement anything other than a second referendum. We want them to fuck off. Strange thread to start for someone who is fed up discussing the B word.

    7 months ago