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Script coverage

I am looking for script coverage for a six part drama screenplay series I've written and revised.

The aim would be for that coverage to confirm additional next stage revisions of the episodes. The final goal is to pitch the series to literary managers, agents and execs.

If you've worked with any script coverage agencies / freelancers who you'd recommend or work in this area yourself, then please get in touch, much appreciated.

  • Hi Rickardo,

    I'm a script consultant. Why don't you get in touch so we can have a chat and determine if I can help.

    Best wishes,

    6 months ago
    • Hi Janet,

      Thanks for reaching out. I emailed you via, so looking forward to hearing back from you, many thanks.

      6 months ago
  • Hi Ricardo - I'd be happy to help - can you email more detals to
    regards, Glyn

    5 months ago