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My first documentary feature about the micropub movement is now available via Vimeo-on-Demand. Anyone interested to watch?

Hello SP community,

So after a few pandemic related setbacks, I am proud to finally announce the release of my debut feature documentary, Micropubs - The New Local.

Co-created alongside fellow filmmakers Dan Eycott and James Coyne, this is the first-ever documentary exploring the micropub movement and craft beer revolution in the UK.

Following a successful, socially distant premiere at The Gulbenkian in Kent (home of the very first micropub) on Saturday 12th June, the film is now digitally available to rent via Vimeo-On-Demand - with more platforms to be announced in due course! (we're working on it with Filmhub)

Trailer and film can be found here:



Inspired by the original micropub craze in Kent, three entrepreneurial Londoners decide to open their very own micropub and revitalise their high streets through a love of real ale, conversation and community spirit.

Supported by interviews with industry experts including radical pub campaigner J. Mark Dodds, Brewing in Britain author Ken Smith, sommelier-broadcaster Jaega Wise, and original micropub creator Martyn Hillier, this easy-watch documentary will appeal to both casual viewers and craft ale enthusiasts alike.


Due to the ongoing covid restrictions, we have adopted a hybrid physical and digital release strategy - all self-distribution and grassroots promo.

Alongside streaming platforms, the film will also screen at “London’s coolest film festival” Crystal Palace International Film Festival in the autumn as they want to hold the event with no restrictions at all. We're also currently in discussions with some individuals about licensing the film for community screenings and for beer-related events / film festivals in the UK and Europe.

We hope to announce some more independent streaming platforms for the film in the coming weeks and months, to make the film as accessible as possible. But for now, Vimeo is where our film lives!


If you're interested to check out the film, Micropubs - The New Local is available to rent via Vimeo-on-Demand here:


Our film is an introduction to the micropub movement for both casual viewers and beer enthusiasts alike, but I'd love to get some feedback from a wide range of people including filmmakers - especially those who have an interest in documentaries in general, or maybe you're a craft beer fan. Or, like me, you just like to learn about new things!

If you have any questions about the film, do get in touch - I'd love to hear from you and start a discussion around the film.


  • Hi Syd, are you the DP on the film?

    1 month ago
    • Hi Sarah, it was a mixture to be honest. Dan, James and I co-directed and produced the film, and we also shot segments of it. But we also had a range of DP/camera operators who worked with us in the early days of the shoot before we did the second half of filming ourselves.

      1 month ago
  • Nice job Syd! I'm a big fan of shooting and watching documentaries and also an organiser of the London Documentary Network. Tag us on twitter or our facebook group and happy to share it on to our network

    1 month ago
    • Hey Joe, thanks for the lovely words - that would be amazing if you'd be happy to share our doc with the London Documentary Network! That's so nice of you. I've just followed you on Twitter and FB, so I'll send a link shortly.

      1 month ago