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Shooting People
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Script topics that sell

The scripts most often picked up and made in the industry in general, are horrors and thrillers. This is because they are fairly inexpensive to make and have a built in fan base, so returns are always good. The hardest sells in the industry are period pieces or big fantasies that require huge budgets. Dramas, comedies, romcoms, etc. all kinda fall in the middle. (A comment from Inktip.) Discuss?

  • It actually feels like period pieces and fantasies are what studios are looking for at the moment as they can potentially give big returns in terms of box office and/or award recognition. Horrors and Thrillers might be cheaper to make but arguably they're less likely to break out their genre audience and into say an awards circuit audience. There are obviously exceptions (like Get Out) but it feels more and more that period pieces and fantasies (something like GOT obviously combines both) are the audiences that are being chased.

    10 months ago