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Womens Dying Wish Is To Act - Can You Help?

HI Shooters, I am putting out an appeal for a woman on twitter who I don't know but she says she doesn't have long to live and basically long story short all she ever wanted to do was act, but no support from anyone and now she is dying she says its too late. Can we create something incredible for and with her? I know its seems crazy, but I'm thinking of creating a "Mike Leigh" unscripted style short film about a woman (she plays) talking to a therapist (me) about her life as it comes to an end . It's a powerful message people often don't get until they believe its too late to do anything about it (it's never too late) I have lost count how often I have heard it and I believe its a message people need to hear who still have their life ahead of them. It is known as the number one regret of the dying.Facing death is the ultimate priority and mind focusser when suddenly nothing else matters except the dream you didn't pursue. I'm 50 this year and have just switched from being a therapist to training to act! It's 5 am now and today I am driving up from Bristol to Scotland to attend my Mother in Laws funeral so its front of my mind. I know it's a long shot but what are you moved to contribute here in the way of time, skills, experience? I am going to ask around and aim for a one day shoot. Do you want to be part of that? NO time to fanny about here - lets make this thing happen in August - Go!

  • Hi Amberli,

    Thank you for this post. I would love to be of assistance and to help this lady's dying wish come true if I can.

    I like the basic premise you have devised and particularly like the informed perspective you will bring to your role. I'd love the opportunity to direct this but would consider DP'ing it too. I have written and directed short dramatic stuff before, more recently I am self shooting documentaries and have all the kit we'd need. But I'd prefer to work with a DP and a small crew if only for the added effect for the lady.

    I may be able to find somebody to produce this too.

    Do you have an idea about where this lady is based? Thus where we'd be filming?

    See my DM for contact details.

    With thanks,

    12 months ago
    • Hi Hardy thsnks so much for your reply - that is fantastic news let me get back to you - I didn’t want to say anything to her until I saw if others were on board at least in principle - where are you based? I’m in Bristol. I’m open to your ideas - Amberli

      12 months ago