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Shooting People
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Hi guys, just wanted to find out from those who have experience in getting feature film funding, so right now I have my feature film on a crowdfunding platform indiegogo as we have not secured an immediate investor yet but we are also in meetings with film producers for possible investment.

We have some famous actors on board and a international cast.

We are looking at a budget of £500,000 for a full feature length movie.

Can anyone shed a light on getting investment for this amazing project?

Indiegogo page link:

'The Real Target is an action packed martial arts comedy film. In a world full of corruption, conspiracy and criminals, The Kung Fu Couple and their vigilante team target villains to save the planet from lethal weapons of mass destruction, starring international actors, martial artists and champion athletes. When a deadly man-made virus is created, they must fight to save the world and take down evil controllers of the global financial system'.

Best regards,
David Cheung,
Co-Creator and Co-Director of #realtargetfilm

  • Hi David,

    If you need a company setup to produce the film itself or if you already have a company and you want advanced assurance from HMRC, I can do this.

    If you were to structure a budget within the parameters of SEIS/EIS, you would spend £150,000 under SEIS investment, and the remainder £350,000 would be raised under EIS. However you would have to spend 70% of the first amount before you could allocate EIS shares.

    I can also introduce you to an accountant who has produced a feature film using the SEIS/EIS model.

    SEIS/EIS advanced assurance consultant.

    2 years ago
  • Ask Stephen Follows at, he'a a film consultant and try The Fyzz Facility at, they produced Alleycats, a Kickstarter funded thriller [

    2 years ago
  • Hi, thank you for your help, Will definitely have a look into your responses!

    2 years ago