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Best company to register a Domain name with

Have been experiencing long and repeated problems with Domain Monster. They were taken over by 123reg, an email message from Domain Monster at the beginning of this year said that I didn't need to do anything and that 123reg would simply contact me when the transfer was completed. Three months ago I realised that domain names I had would need renewing at the beginning of July so I tried to contact both Domain Monster and 123reg to see how the process was going and also asking who with and how I could renew my present Domain names with, no response. I have tried numerous times to renew online through Domain Monsters automated system which only took payments from my account and yet did not renew my domain names. This happened several times, weekly phone calls said just hold on and the problems would be sorted out and the renewal would happen, the transfer would also happen in the next few days. After weeks of being repeatedly told this neither the renewal nor transfer happens. Now Domain Monsters phone lines are down or just place an automated message before hanging up, 123reg says nothing has been transferred to them so they can not help me. After checking where my Domain names are actually registered online in a domain search, I can see that they are registered with 123reg though through another subsidiary company of 123reg namely Domainbox. Whichever company I eventually manage to connect to they simply say talk to the other ones.

I had moved all my Domain names off 123reg nearly a decade ago when they really let me down very badly, now it seems that I might be their customer again. Long story short since so many Domain companies are subsidiaries of larger companies can anyone please recommend one that I can register new, and transfer old ones too, with real support that actually gets back to you when there is a problem and then does something about fixing the actual problem rather than sending you an automated ticket and then doing nothing, any and all suggestion please very gratefully appreciated?
Many thanks Ray Brady

  • I use GoDaddy. Fairly straightforward, nice admin interface, easy DNS configs.

    1 month ago
    • Many thanks for replying and your suggestion Marlom. Sadly I was put off Godaddy after reading the following Forbes article: 5 Reasons You Should Leave GoDaddy (And How)
      by Kelly Clay Contributor Tech
      Who writes about social media, startups and technology trends.

      1 month ago
    • @Ray Brady

      That's nearly 10 years old.

      I wouldn't host with GoDaddy - you should always choose a specialist host with WHM / cPanel (or similar) and good support, but I've used various domain name services and with GoDaddy you seem to get access to all the configs to point at wherever you host, including host/AWS split content.

      Some companies you have to put in support requests for any changes.

      FWIW I also have domains with Joker (so, that shows my age), but they're all dormant so I can't speak to their admin current ease of use.


      1 month ago
  • I used to be with 1&1 Ionos, but left when I realised they were overcharging me. They made it hard for me to swap everything over to Fasthosts, and they even tried to keep charging me after I closed all my contracts with them. I had wisely cancelled direct debits beforehand so they were unsuccessful in that shady endeavour, even though they began sending emails supposedly from debt collectors. So far, Fasthosts have been without problems, and I found their Help service to be good.

    1 month ago
  • The cheapest domain registrar and the best in my opinion is They charge only £7.50 per year for a dot com .

    1 month ago
    • Hi Andrew, Many thanks for taking the time to add to this discussion and for your suggestion. Please note, the import of this discussion isn't the cheapest price. What I'm looking for is a company with a reputation for being reliable. In the past some companies had a practice of when a domain request was made was to straight away register the requested domain elsewhere and then offer it at a greatly inflated price. Or worse simply pretend to register the domain and not actually do it. A quick search on Trustpilot shows the some of the largest domain-providing companies are nefarious for these practices and when caught out, simply deny everything and blame anyone else that can. So I guess maybe my question has several facets which need to be answered separately:

      So who has registered domains that were then connected to a website that functioned long term without problems and had excellent fast support?

      Where best to register?

      Where best to host?

      Does any hosting company offer a template website that you can easily build with the need to work with purely code?

      Please remember that film company domain names and also the film names they register are often seen as premium cost domain names that some dubious companies exploit seeing a chance to make a quick buck.
      i.e. "" being offered for £10,084.40 a year & "" for £100,842.88 a year on Godaddy.
      Many thanks
      Ray Brady

      1 month ago
  • Hi Ray, I'd recommend for domain registration, that's all they do and have done since 1997. And for hosting

    I always keep the above with separate companies. You do need to know how to redirect the domain DNS. Easy once you know.

    I have only ever had problems with hosting servers being attacked and going down or being faulty. Then the speed they sort the problem is key. Bad experience has caused me to change hosting companies.

    Most hosting companies offer a WHM panel through which you can install a multitude of website builders/templates. I use wordpress.

    It is good advice to search and buy a domain at the moment of need because the internet is a connected world and there are programs noting domains being searched for, hence your desired domain can be registered by a third party before you, it's not necessarily the registration company.

    1 month ago
  • Many thanks for getting back to Nigel and for your suggestions. Very greatly appreciated. Hope life is treating you well.
    Kind regards Ray

    1 month ago
  • Kind of repeating what everyone has covered..

    Best thing is to look around for genuine reviews. The main thing you want is reliability, a reasonable price and simple migration if and when you want to move the domain name to another registrar. Also ones who do not hound you with renewal emails! I personally like the established and dependable registrar companies that focus on domain names, then I configure the domain name to point to different companies for hosting the websites and email. I will check out, thanks Nigel.

    Hosting domain name companies like GoDaddy have become this huge complicated affair that offer a multitude of different services, such as email and website hosting, and often these services are slow and/or unreliable. If you don't expect much traffic, this may be adequate.
    One big leverage for these registrar companies is supporting the complication of Name Servers and DNS settings, but once this is understood, its just a lot of smoke and mirrors.

    Really it should be so straight forward.... you pay a few quid per year to a registrar for a domain name, which is just a text-based alias of a few long numbers which represent a computer somewhere in the world, of your choosing, that serve up your website and email (databases, files, apps, whatever else your domain represents).

    As others mentioned, anything searched for nowadays, Big Brother is watching, or should I say Go Daddy.
    They got a terrible reputation for poaching domain names. People noticed they would search for a domain, go back soon afterward to register it, and it would be parked, purchasable for a highly inflated fee. It is beyond infuriating that millions of perfectly good domain names are parked, purchasable for inflated prices. Companies exist with this as their sole income, buying and parking domain names for years, hoping to sell them for ridiculous amounts. You can almost take any two random words now, put them together and that domain will be unavailable.

    So if you are experimenting with finding a new domain name, my advice would be never to search for it, certainly not on domain-registrar websites. This is a good article on what to do:

    Another thing is get creative with the name and extension, of which there are many now. Also think about what is easy to remember and pass on, "" might be cool and cheap but you forever will be saying to people " uh, not 'higher synth', but as in the flower. How do you spell that? It's 'h-y-a-c-i-n-t-h'. That's it, then a hyphen, yes, the minus sign, then 'movies', then, '', 'dot-c-o-dot-u-k' "

    1 month ago
  • I really like NameCheap. They have excellent customer service as well when/if anything goes awry. :) I have used them for several years and many a domain.

    1 month ago
  • Hi,
    Many thanks to both Steven & also Danielle. Danielle re NameCheap are you recommending domain registration alone or also hosting, please?

    1 month ago
  • Have a look at the palindromic - the difference for me is that when I hit an issue they have live online chat. I've moved a few away from since they went from being brilliant to clunky.

    I've bought and owned (and occasionally sold!) domains since the days when you would get a printed physical ownership certificate through the post(!), and am happy enough with tsohost these days.

    1 month ago
    • Hi Paddy,
      Many thanks for jumping into this brainstorm of practical experiences, greatly appreciated. I'm always now cautious after losing one of my first domain names "" (I was making a martial-arts feature at the time) after more than a decade when I WASN'T ALLOWED to renew the domain, subsequently lost the connected website which I had built for more than seven years, became very cynical and cautious after that experience. Many thanks, Ray

      1 month ago
    • Hi Ray,

      Did you own ""?! Or just the email address? I'm not surprised you got mugged for, shame you couldn't sell it off if you had the domain, that would be worth some quids for sure. And no wonder you're wary!

      With the TLD proliferation, it's much less of an issue now - there's always some suitable TLD available even though the .com namespace is cluttered, preferred real estate!

      4 weeks ago
  • I use squarespace. They are expensive, but the site is secure, easy to maintain, easy to change, and crisp and clear, with templates for most sort of businesses.

    4 weeks ago