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What are the best places for feedback on scripts?

Hi Shooters

I'm written a TV comedy pilot and would like to know if there is or has anyone used a great service that provides feedback on your work?

Have a commissioner interested in the project but want to ensure I'm not missing a glaring problem in the script plus would like to get involved more in the writing community.

I've heard things about Black List website, Shore Scripts etc but I would like to know the experience of the person who is feed backing on my work so I can take it seriously?

Any ideas, suggestions please let me know


  • I don't know what your budget is, but I would recommend script consultant, Stephen Cleary. I've both posted on the Black List and engaged Mr. Cleary's services. My experience was that The Blacklist reviewers gave careful reads and earnest reviews, but I just don't think they were as experienced, constructive and sharp as Cleary.

    1 week ago
  • Hi there. I'm a script editor just returning to the industry. I've script edited for Microwave @ Film London, Somesuch and Breakneck films, script read for Bafta Rocliffe, London Calling, Electric Shadow Co, J Cubed nad more. I like your website. I'd be up for taking a look at it if that would be helpful? I'm keen to get on people's radars etc.

    1 week ago
    • Thanks for the nice word about my shiny website.
      Drop me an email if you don't mind and we can go from there

      1 week ago
  • Hi, I was literally talking to someone at a production companyyesterday, about sending anscript to the blacklist for feedback. They said they're junior script readers, so skip them for feedback.

    5 days ago
    • Thought as much. Important to know the credentials of the person reading it otherwise might as well be Bob or Sally from down the road.

      3 days ago