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How SP EU Members are Feeling

Shooting People members based in the EU have begun speaking up about how Brexit will effect their lives and work. Here's what a SP member from Italy had to say:

"Unfortunately, over the last weeks, I had foreseen the final results of the Brexit referendum, despite last-minute surveys gave the Remain ahead until the 23th June.

As EU citizen (I'm from Italy) I have been sensing a sort of growing discontent in part of the UK and sometimes- especially in today's competition for jobs- I've had the feeling that we might not be welcome anymore.

For London this is slightly different since in my opinion the strength of cities like London has always been its power to give good people from all over the world a chance to succeed based on their merit.

At the moment, as EU citizen I don't know yet if the new UK government will ask us to get a VISA to work and study in UK in the short run. You certainly understand that- in that case- most of the companies providing first jobs in the cinema/media are on a temporary and often unpaid basis, therefore they could hardly sponsor work-based Visas for us.

I'd also like to shoot two shorts I've written and I wonder if it's useful for me gathering cast and crew for my short film via SP and then not being allowed to shoot without expensive and long VISA permits.

Anyways as you can see, I didn't delete my membership because I am currently evaluating whether renewing for 1 more year until the new government decides and clarifies what new laws will apply to us.

Sorry for this long email, but I felt you deserve an honest answer, since your SP service remains an important resource and your professionalism is always outstanding.”

How will leaving the EU effect you and your work?

  • There won't be any major changes for a year and may be two years. How Brexit might affect EU citizens after this chaotic mess has been shored up, though the UK actually avoiding an obligation to continue allowing free movement of EU citizens is very far from certain, despite Mrs May's assertions, is employment i.e., working for a UK employer as an employee rather than as an 'international' contractor or business colaborator. It's the same pretty much all over the World as it's been for over a century and long before the existence of the EU. Don't play the game created by dumb elites for the control of dumb cap doffers. Play the games of big business but shrink it down to the scale appropriate to your own aspirations. They might imagine that they make the rules when actually it's the rules of commerce and business that they can't control; well not if they want to extend the monetarist based economy that those elites love so very much. They're hoisted by thier own petard and the exponentially deepening learnedNess of the general population.

    2 years ago
  • There are two things to remember which will not change even if the world after Brexit looks very different:

    All film/TV work is essentially contract work, so I would advise you Xenia to get as much experience wherever and whever you can as your reputation and Imdb listing will be what matter when it comes to you working in the industry.

    Apart from the UK most European countries already use some kind of funding 'protectionism' for their home film/TV industry so that their own culture is promoted. Check out the recent changes in German practice to see what I mean. The UK has been very open minded and any experience you can get here before Brexit bites will be a great advantage, so take your opportunitites now.

    And as I posted a couple of days ago, Creative Europe have announced they are not making any changes while politics sort themselves out.

    Funding is getting more difficult, but when has it ever been easy!

    Your ability to work in the UK has not yet changed so why worry about what has not yet happened. Use what is possible now to your own advantage and let the rest sort itself out.

    2 years ago
  • The only effective rules are the ones you believe and acquiesce to. Other effective realities are available.

    2 years ago
  • Just to be a little less obtuse, one of our 'entities' openly declares itself as being established to be honourably and legitimately exploitable for the benefit of partners and collaboraters in minimising overbearing bueaurocracy; just like those running the gaf do and have always done. It may now be a cliché to reference the Matrix movies but as metaphor for artificial realities, they're exceedingly good.

    But it's not only governmental institutions who create artificial realities, so do many private and commercial entities. The film and TV industry is not immune from similarly entrenched presumption. A healthy disrespect for powerful corporate institutions is a prerequisite for freedom. Bear in mind just how limited and prescriptive are the opportunities provided by those institutions.

    Other realities are available

    2 years ago
  • Good lord, John, if I make it back to the UK before I die, I'd like to buy you one of those 20 imperial fluid ounces of your choice.

    2 years ago
  • It would be lovely to have a pint with you Dan. We'll have to die some time but not just yet I trust! Hope you make that trip first. You'll have to cross the border to Wales though. As yet it's still open from England ;-)

    2 years ago
  • Hi.
    If you've lived in the UK for a while you might want to apply for permanent residency. It's never been necessary before but it's basically a document providing proof of your right to permanent residency in the UK. That kind of proof of residency might come in handy if any rules for foreigners actually do change. I've lived in the UK for 11 years now and never bothered with the application. I am getting it done now. Just in case.

    2 years ago