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New Laptop - recommendations?

Hi All,

I am looking at buying a new laptop and know I want to be able to have Final Cut installed as that is my preferred editing software. I looked at the new MacBook's but I've never personally owned one so not sure what they are actually like. I saw the memory on the new one isn't particularly high.

I've always owned HP's but this will be my first laptop which I need to be able to handle editing software which will output at a high quality.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!


  • Hi Jennifer,

    Do you need a laptop because you travel a lot? To be honest as en editor who's edited a lot of content and used many laptops over the years. The thing I would recommend is a desktop (Windows), get it custom built to your needs. The good thing about that is that you can change parts and adapt as things go. Long term, its better. Secondly, I know you're a fan of FCP, but I'll be honest, Premiere will not only make your life easier but it will be able to handle just about any kind of footage you throw at it. Believe me, give it a day or two to practice, its great.

    3 weeks ago
  • PC's and Premier Pro together with all the Adobe Creative Suite tools is like my old Land Rover (or even Triggers broom). They're all a bag of highly functional bits and easily fixable or upgradeable. I'd agree with Michael that unless one really does need the portability of a laptop a custom built desktop makes a better edit suite.

    The old Apple v PC issue/myth from a time long ago when Apple were the only option for media production has passed into ancient history, but still lingers. There's a reason why more Avids are now PC based. There's a reason why the BBC switched from FCP to Premier.

    3 weeks ago
  • Thanks both, I’m limited for space and want to be able to take it with me hence wanting a laptop. I noticed on Premiere that you can’t buy it though and that you have to buy a subscription, I won’t be using it full time so couldn’t justify the cost, assume there is no way to buy the program outright?

    3 weeks ago
  • Unless Adobe has changed its business model recently the full Creative Suite to buy was around £2,000. The rental deal was an alternative. FCP is certainly cheaper but one doesn't get the depth of tools or the seamless integration of those ubiquitous Adobe tools.

    3 weeks ago
  • If you want to use FCPX you have no choice but to buy a Mac. I use FCPX and really enjoy it. Resolve was a £1000 when I bought FCPX but it is now the same price as FCPX. My advice for what it's worth is buy Resolve unless you have already invested time and money inFCPX

    3 weeks ago
  • There's a Black Friday offer still going to set up a £30 a month subscription for a full Creative Suite deal with Adobe. One gets everything, all the tools, plus 24/7 support. It'd be over £2,000 to buy.

    2 weeks ago
  • I bought a new 'old' macbook pro 15 inch recently to replace my older 17inch as a travel machine, but usually have an older desktop mac for day to day. I avoided buying the very latest laptop due to fears of keyboard issues and the special touch bar (and all the extra dongles you need just to have USB!).

    So i have a pre-touchbar i7 machine. This runs well for Davinci Resolve and adobe apps although i usually only have After Effects and not Premier on it. I have been using Davinci Resolve for a few years now coming from FCP7 (tried FCPX and PP for a while) and find it works very well for short and long form edits and grades.
    Davinci works on PCs as well so you could still stick with HP if you want - you will certainly get more power for your cash with a PC. Try the adobe subscription - although I found it quite hard to get out of a subscription for Premier - they have 2 types - a monthly one that you really can leave immediately (you pay more for this) and a regular saver monthly where they expect you to keep going and you cannot get out of it quickly.

    2 weeks ago
  • You're right Jennifer. Just noted that Premier Creative Suite is no longer available to buy, only on subscription. I wonder what happens to ones enstalled software though after ones annual contract expires if one doesn't renew?

    1 week ago